Distributors Wanted!

We are currently looking for distributors outside of Florida to sell and install our CrossAir Drying Fan System. This is a great opportunity for existing paint booth repair facilities and paint supply companies. The market for waterborne drying equipment is still growing, with more states making waterborne paints mandatory. The market is open for retrofitting older booths with drying fans.

We give you full onsite training of the installation, programming, and painter training. Or we can take the full installation from start to finish and you can get a sales commission. This can insure that the system is installed correctly in all the different booths out there. Installation is not an easy process and it takes the skills of a couple trades to accomplish. Some sheet metal knowledge, hand and power tool knowledge, electrical and Variable Frequency Drives knowledge, and knowledge of the structure and operation of the paint booths the systems would be installed in. Knowledge of local codes and regulations would also be needed to comply with local and state governments.

We currently have distributors in Alabama, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia.

For further questions, call us 863-229-8153

Garmat Tier 1 – West Palm Beach, Florida


Here we installed a 5 fan waterborne drying system for One Perfect Touch in West Palm Beach, Florida. The install went great and the owner was very happy. After the install we enjoyed ourselves to a relaxing time on the beach.

Accudraft Double Prep Station

We recently did an Accudraft Prep Station for a customer in Maryland. This was a good example of the flexibility of our system. With other drying systems, if you want to do a double prep station. You would have two choices. One being splitting the system up over the two bays or buying two drying systems.

This can be a costly decision on both accounts. The first one being under performance. If one system is trying to do the work of two waterborne drying systems, over the space of two bays. Performance will drop because the spacing will result in the fan or blowers not being close to the painted surface. This will reduce the amount of air flow across the waterborne paint.

On the other hand, if you have to buy two systems for a prep station, where is the cost savings?

Our CrossAir Drying System allows us to customize the installation for the booth and the customer. No two booths are the same when it comes to airflow and efficiency. Neither are prep stations. When it comes to Double Prep Stations and larger paint booths, all it takes is upgrading the control panel to fit. We can have any numerous amounts of fans. Want a truck booth fitted with a waterborne drying system? We can do multiple levels of fans to cover the lower and higher portions of the booth. It will be very interesting the day we do a truck booth, we look forward to it!

NACE EXPO 2011 is over! Good Times

Thanks everyone who came out to NACE! It was a great show and we enjoyed talking with everyone. We hope everyone found at least one thing they can use to help build their business for the coming year. That’s what NACE is all about, building relationships with suppliers and service providers. Its about possibilities.

Until next Year, enjoy what you do and success will follow.

Mechanical Rust

Hey guys, here is a quick introduction to some of the booth repairs that we are capable of.

Living in Florida can present some unique problems with booths. Some of those problems come are rust. With the sea breezes on both sides of us, it can cause great rust problems. All booths are known for having rust, these are metal buildings, they are bound to happen. It happens because things are not treated right. If there is a leak in the roof, even a small one, this can cause bad rust problems. Wetting down the floors without protecting the metal also causes rust inside the booth.

The booth I am about to show you is about 3-5 years old. You will notice that the rust is creeping into the motor supports. Left untreated, this could cause a catastrophic failure. Shutting down the booth for weeks. This can be a very easy fix. With a little preventive maintenance and a proactive approach to leaks in the roof, this can become a non-issue. Installing galvanized metal will ensure that the mechanical will be safe for years to come. I just wonder how this could be fixed before it even becomes a problem.

Semi-Down Draft Paint Spray Booth

This job was done on the east coast of Florida. This particular paint booth presented some problems with fan spacing. The position of the lights and their layout, dictate the position of the drying fan systems. In this case, we saw the opportunity to spread the fans out and have coverage all over the booth. The rear fan and the ceiling fan are tied together. The left and right fans are tied respectively. That allows for a wide coverage area, allowing for odd shaped parts.

The customer was already spraying water based paints. After installing the fans, the customer noticed a considerable improvement on efficiency. We hope he continues to enjoy water, and we would like to think that we had a small part in his success.

Kelly Chevrolet

This is a straight and thorough job we did here. 5 Fan system with ceiling filters and mechanical service on the heater. The paint company painted and cleaned up the booth. Customer could not be happier.

Sheridan VoTech

This was a very good project for us because it is for a Vocational school. These are the painters of the future. What better way to get our waterborne drying system used. These are the people that will start out in a paying job using water, might as well be using the best drying system out there.

There were some challenges on this installation as with other installs we have done. The box that covers the hips is braced and formed with steel framing. This prevents a problem with the motor mounting. We had to be creative and it turned out flawless.

The other challenge was a slope in the concrete that was too much for our grinding machine. So we had to resort to old fashion scrapers. My back still hurts. Its worth it though, that booth looks like a surgical team could do a brain transplant in there.