Accudraft Double Prep Station

We recently did an Accudraft Prep Station for a customer in Maryland. This was a good example of the flexibility of our system. With other drying systems, if you want to do a double prep station. You would have two choices. One being splitting the system up over the two bays or buying two drying systems.

This can be a costly decision on both accounts. The first one being under performance. If one system is trying to do the work of two waterborne drying systems, over the space of two bays. Performance will drop because the spacing will result in the fan or blowers not being close to the painted surface. This will reduce the amount of air flow across the waterborne paint.

On the other hand, if you have to buy two systems for a prep station, where is the cost savings?

Our CrossAir Drying System allows us to customize the installation for the booth and the customer. No two booths are the same when it comes to airflow and efficiency. Neither are prep stations. When it comes to Double Prep Stations and larger paint booths, all it takes is upgrading the control panel to fit. We can have any numerous amounts of fans. Want a truck booth fitted with a waterborne drying system? We can do multiple levels of fans to cover the lower and higher portions of the booth. It will be very interesting the day we do a truck booth, we look forward to it!

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