Meisner – Paint Popping Refurb

This project was a lot of hard work. Sanding, washing, scraping, and more sanding. The person who previously painted the booth did not put on an epoxy primer. The end result was the paint flaking off the Galvanized panels. We sanded the walls down, power washed everything, and then primed and painted the walls.

The floor was also in bad shape and had lots of overspray coating it. We rented a machine to grind the overspray off and get the floor smooth. Then we coated the floor with 2 coats of a 2part epoxy floor coating.

We replaced door seals, bad light bulbs, and belts for a complete booth refurb.

I hope it lasts them another 15 years to come.

Before, primed, and after pictures posted below.

ACS – 5 Fan System installed in a Garmat 9700

Hip Mounted with Recessed Center Ceiling

This was our first time installing our waterborne drying fan system on a 9700. It presented some difficult challenges on the placement and installation. The end result was a system that worked very well. This will be the way we install the side fans on the Garmat 9700.

The first challenge that we were facing was the angle of the walls. The 9700 is different from almost everyother booth out today. The walls come up about 3Ft then pitch towards the center plenum. This was a design thought to help with airflow and lighting. They stopped making the walls this way in favor of straight walls of 8Ft then the pitch.

The angles of the drying fans makes a big difference in the placement. The  placement results in determining the normal speed of the fans. The closer the fans are to the painted surface the slower they have to spin. With the Garmat 9700 we were able to place the fans lower, resulting in better performance. The drawback to placing the drying fans low, the vertically gifted. Tall people if not careful will hit their heads on the guards. It just takes some getting used to.

The second issue that was presented was the swing down ceiling filters. Our recessed box was made to fit full drop downs. With some modifications we got it to fit and all were happy.

I really enjoyed installing this waterborne drying fan system and look forward to another Garmat 9700.

More pictures below…

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